Understanding Proper Storage Practices

Understanding Proper Storage Practices

Want To Take The Man Cave Out Of Your Garage? 4 Tips For Storing Your Items

by Charles Martinez

A man cave is the perfect place to unwind after a long day at work. But, it does have limited functionality, which means you may want to make changes to the room after some time to better use the space. Putting everything into storage will help you transition the garage back to what you want it to be. Following tips on putting away the valuable and sometimes difficult items is a good idea to avoid damaging them.

Reclining Chair

A common piece of furniture that you will find in man caves is a reclining chair. Leather or faux leather is often used because it provides a unique level of comfort that a lot of people enjoy. Attempting to clean a leather recliner is better left to professionals who can produce great results. A company or professional that specializes in upholstery cleaning can get it ready for short-term or long-term storage.


Fitting the television from the man cave somewhere else in your house is ideal. Maybe you can replace one of your older TVs with a larger model that has better resolution and smart features. Unless you are putting a TV into an empty room, you will still end up with a television that needs to be stored. It is normal to get rid of the box for the TV due to size constraints, and it should not be hard to find an alternative. To avoid damage, you should use packing peanuts, air bags, or bubble wrap to pad a large box. To store the cables, you want to avoid wrapping them too tight, as you could damage the wiring on the inside.

Pool Table

With a large garage and a strong desire to play pool, you may have fit a pool table into your man cave. Since these tables are so massive, you have to commit to a decent-sized storage unit to keep it safe. After cleaning it in its entirety, you will want to wrap it all in plastic wrap until nothing is exposed. Then, use plenty of clean towels or blankets to protect the areas that are most susceptible to collision damage.

Framed Artwork

It is only natural for you to have some artwork in the man cave. The frame will protect the art, but you need to protect the frame by covering the entire thing in cardboard. Taking a separate and final trip to the storage unit for all of your delicate possessions is the best way to avoid crushing any of these items.

Putting your man cave into storage may be a sad day, but it opens up new opportunities for your garage.


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Understanding Proper Storage Practices

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