Understanding Proper Storage Practices

Understanding Proper Storage Practices

Deal-Breaking Features to Watch Out for in Storage Units

by Charles Martinez

Safe, secure services are a high selling point, but how can you know how safe a storage facility is for sure? You could look at a few cameras, glance at formidable-looking locks, or assume that the clean and professional appearance is proof enough of honest business claims, but if security actually matters to you, don't just leave it to professionals without a few deeper questions. Here are a few points to keep an eye out for as you survey different secure storage units just to make sure you're dealing with a facility that isn't an absolute pushover to petty thieves.

A Full-Featured Security-Camera System

It's easy to set up a security-camera system, and for any security-minded person with belongings to protect, modern systems are affordable for even low-income households to set up a few cameras with a recording device. Don't let businesses get away with just having a few dummy cameras.

Cameras work as deterrents, since more casual troublemakers are less likely to misbehave if they know they're being watched. A more determined thief will want to know whether the cameras are on and actually recording, and it's not hard to find the answer. A thief can simply pretend to be a customer (or be an actual customer), and then report theft or suspicious activity and ask for a recording. 

If the storage facility can't provide recordings, that's a tip for thieves to plan a job and a tip for you to look elsewhere. A secure, surveillance-advertising storage facility should have recording discs (CDs, DVDs, Blu-Ray, and so forth) or be able to share the files, even if it takes a while to transfer the data. Above that basic competency, be sure to know how to get recordings from the staff in case you need to do more than a security interview after becoming a customer.

Climate-Control Options

With secure storage comes the option for climate control. Although some storage facilities simply provide a strong lock and well-protected walls, you should keep an eye out for a good air-conditioning or refrigeration system if you're storing large amounts of perishable goods or heat-sensitive objects.

Aside from perishable goods such as drinks or frozen products, some items such as old furniture, electronics, or clothing may be damaged in high temperatures or humid conditions. Especially if you're in the South or similarly hot and humid areas, you'll want a good air conditioning or full chilling system to solve multiple problems.

Air conditioning alone can reduce humidity along with the temperature, keeping papers from becoming sticky or brittle from the moisture and slowing the onset of wood rot from furniture that may not have the best wood treatment. Contact a secure self-storage professional to discuss security, temperature control, and other options available for your storage unit.


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Understanding Proper Storage Practices

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