Understanding Proper Storage Practices

Understanding Proper Storage Practices

How To Make The Most Of The Space In Your Storage Unit

by Charles Martinez

Getting the best value from a rented storage unit means using every square foot of space to the best of your ability. The key is to do this without harming any of your belongings. The following are a few ideas to help you use the space in your unit as wisely as possible.

Streamline container size

Stacking items as high and securely as possible is key to using your vertical space. It's easier to do this when all of your boxes are of similar dimensions. Instead of using a hodge podge of box sizes, invest in new moving boxes of the same two sizes. Choose a smaller size that is easy for one person to move, even when loaded down with something heavy, like books. Then, choose a second, larger size for larger, lighter-weight items, like clothing or linens. You can then stack same-size boxes together, with the heavier items on the bottom, of course.

Choose sturdier containers

If you have the funds, consider skipping boxes entirely and using plastic storage tubs instead. These are less likely to collapse, and they are specifically made for stacking. As an added benefit, they will also protect your items from moisture and pests. Select containers with sturdy, locking lids that won't cave inward from the weight of containers on top of them.

Use your furniture

Many furniture pieces, such as bookcases and dressers, are actually storage pieces. Don't let them sit empty in storage. Furniture should be placed along the perimeter wall. You can then stack boxes or odd-sized, unboxed items on the shelves. Dresser drawers are the perfect place for stashing fragile items. If you have large, fragile pieces, such as electronic equipment or art items, stow these safely on top of your table.

Ask about alterations

Some storage facilities will allow you to install some simple storage hardware in your unit, such as hooks. If your unit allows this, then you can take advantage of ceiling storage. Bike hooks can be used to store bikes and other odd-shaped equipment out of the way. You can even suspend a net from bike hooks and then slide lightweight, odd-shaped items, such as a kayak or collection of pool noodles, into the net. This will free up space on the floor for boxes and furniture.

To learn more about choosing the right-sized unit, talk to a storage facility in your area, or you can find out here.


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Understanding Proper Storage Practices

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