Understanding Proper Storage Practices

Understanding Proper Storage Practices

How to Prepare an ATV for Storage

by Charles Martinez

ATVs, like all motor vehicles, can take up a great deal of storage space when you're not using them. Therefore, you may want to consider putting your ATV into a self-storage facility during the off season in order to preserve more space in your garage or home. However, before doing so, there are a few things that you should do to adequately prepare your ATV to ensure that it is still in proper working condition when you take it out again next summer.

Keep Your Battery Charged

If you let your ATV battery sit in a storage unit for months as is, it will slowly lose power and be unable to start once you take your ATV back out of the unit. In order to allow it to weather months of non-use, you should invest in a trickle charger, also sometimes referred to as a battery tender, which will keep your battery topped up over time. A regular charger will overcharge the battery and cause it to burn out, but a trickle charger, like its name would suggest, only provides a small amount of power, allowing your battery to remain fully charged and operational.

Don't Drain the Fuel

You should never drain the fuel tank of your ATV when putting it into storage, as this will leave a lot of empty space in which condensation can collect. Condensation allowed to collect and sit within your ATV can cause rust and corrosion to develop, which can destroy internal components and necessitate expensive repairs. Instead, ensure that the fuel tank is completely filled up, and add in a fuel stabilizer, available at most automotive parts store. This stabilizer ensures that the fuel in your ATV will not break down and will still be useable in a few months.

Maintain Climate Control

While this does represent an additional cost to the storage of your ATV, you may want to consider investing in a climate controlled storage unit. These types of storage units allow you to moderate the humidity and temperature of your storage unit, which may be ideal if you live in a climate where the temperature will drop below freezing at some point. This is because your ATV's battery can become damaged in freezing weather, and temperature and humidity fluctuations can cause damage to your ATV's wheels. By maintaining a relatively constant and mild temperature and humidity level, you can ensure that all the components within your ATV are kept in good condition.


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Understanding Proper Storage Practices

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