Understanding Proper Storage Practices

Understanding Proper Storage Practices

What Storage Security Features Are Best For Your Belongings?

by Charles Martinez

The type of storage unit depends on what you're putting away, and there are many different features that may or may not be relevant to you. Theft may or may not be a concern, depending on how precious or disposable your belongings are—to both you and the thief who may have better things to steal. To understand what needs to be focused on, as well baseline features that can be ignored or appreciated depending on the price.

Door And Entry Technology

Security needs greatly depend on the actual amount of theft that happens in the area or at the facility. It also depends on your own piece of mind.

For some people, putting a bunch of old clothes in a trash bag or wrapping a piece of furniture in plastic is good enough. Some belongings are understandably not worth the effort to steal, so features such as roving security guards and infrared cameras aren't necessary. If you're putting away expensive computers, priceless antiques or other large and expensive belongings, the security features should be inspected carefully.

Door and lock security is the first point to examine. If you care about theft, don't waste your time and money on a basic padlock on a rolling storage room door. Make sure that the door is held in place by large, mechanical locks built into the structure or controlled electronically.

The type of door can also affect the climate control. A simple rolling door or sliding doors with padlocks must be checked for weather seals, as many basic storage enclosures simply touch the concrete foundation with enough space to let humidity or insects in. A higher security door usually removes these gaps.

Surveillance And Physical Security

Indoor self storage facilities make it harder for casual thieves to walk in and take advantage of an easy exist once they've examined or stolen the good in different storage units. An indoor facility makes it harder to case (survey or assess) the facility's security, and will at least put most thieves on camera.

Cameras are vital if you need security for your belongings. They act as deterrents, and can provide critical evidence in case of actual theft. Make sure that the cameras are actually on and running by requesting a recording of a day or two prior to see if the recording matches up. This is easier if you've visited previously and can find yourself in security recordings.

In addition to being indoors, security guards can control the flow of visitors, or at least keep an eye out for anything strange. One technique of storage thieves is to be an actual customer while waiting for a chance to break into a fellow customer's storage room. Security guards increase the chances of hearing any ruckus caused by digging through walls or creating other forms of infiltration.

Contact a mobile and stationary rental storage facility to discuss self storage units that offer the security and budget levels you need.


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Understanding Proper Storage Practices

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