Understanding Proper Storage Practices

Understanding Proper Storage Practices

Storing Books In Your Storage Unit: Tips To Protect Your Collection

by Charles Martinez

The only downfall to having a massive book collection is that sometimes, the books can take over your home and have to go into storage. If you are in this situation yourself, you are probably a little nervous about sending your collection to a storage unit. However, if you do this the right way, your books will be properly protected. 

1. Opt for a climate-controlled storage unit. 

The very first thing to remember when you are renting a storage unit for storing books is that books are made of paper, and paper is made of tree particles; therefore, exposure to high levels of humidity will be no good for them at all. Even though renting a climate-controlled storage unit is going to be a little more expensive, it will be the best environment for your collection. These units can be standalone units with their own thermostat controls, but the units may also be housed indoors with one main thermostat keeping every unit at an ambient temperature with a safe humidity level. The Northeast Document Conservation Center says that a temperature no higher than 70 degrees and a humidity level between 30 and 50 percent is a safe bet. 

2. Separate damaged books from newer books. 

If you have books that have sustained a little damage, it is best to keep them separate from the rest of your collection, especially if they will be going into storage. For example, if your favorite copy of a book has a huge coffee stain on several pages but you just can't let it go, place this book in a Ziploc bag or plastic wrapper so it is isolated. If the book is allowed to meddle with the rest of them over the long term, especially in an enclosed space, it can lead to damages to the other books. 

3. Place your books in sturdy plastic containers with lids. 

When you are packing up your books to go into storage, make sure you are placing them in safe, worthy containers. Sturdy plastic containers with a lockable lid are a good option because they can withstand the heft of a stack of books and will keep the books safely concealed from pests, moisture, or other contaminants. 

As someone who loves a good story, it is likely that somewhere in your home you have amassed quite the collection of books. For someone who likes to read, having a nice collection of books can be a little like having your own collection of other worlds to visit at a moment's notice. Reach out to a storage facility in your area to find the best unit for your collection. For more information, contact a company such as Ship Creek Storage today. 


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Understanding Proper Storage Practices

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