Understanding Proper Storage Practices

Understanding Proper Storage Practices

How Independent Contractors Can Benefit From Self-Storage

by Charles Martinez

As an independent contractor, you probably have more use for a self-storage unit than most businesses. Your tools, equipment, materials, and even merchandise will all be safe in a self-storage facility. Below are some of the specific ways a self-storage unit can help your business.

Reduce Injury Risks at Home

As a small business owner, you may be tempted to keep some of your tools, equipment, and materials at home. Unless you have a dedicated storage space at home, your business items pose various risks to your household members.

The risks are even greater if you have young children in the family. The young ones might cut themselves from sharp or pointed tools, they might trip and fall on your materials, and they might even shock themselves with your power tools. A self-storage unit helps you avoid all those risks.

Reduce Damage Risks to Equipment

Depending on which industry you are in, you probably have lots of sensitive or delicate equipment that careless handling might damage. For example, power tools might get damaged if plugged into the wrong sockets, saws might get blunt, and safety equipment might get compromised. Even if your family members are unusually careful, there is still the risk of weather-related damage. For example, equipment stored in the basement might get damaged by the flood. Again, a self-storage facility will help you avoid such risks.

Lower Storage Expenses

Self-storage units are usually relatively cheaper than residential and commercial spaces. Thus, moving into a bigger house or office to get more space for your business equipment is not a good idea, financially speaking. Instead, you can just maintain your current square footage and rent a storage unit for the items.

Improve Accessibility and Convenience

You can also use a self-storage unit to keep your equipment in a central location for ease of accessibility. Maybe you have an office in the suburbs, but you seem to be getting most of your work downtown. You can rent a unit somewhere central so that you don't have to shuttle back to the suburbs every time you need equipment. Or maybe you have a long-term contract somewhere far from your physical address; you can rent a storage unit temporarily just for the job. Apart from the convenience, such a centralized storage location will also save time and money.

Self-storage units come in different sizes, prices, and facilities. Take your time and choose a unit that will meet most of your priorities at an inexpensive cost. For more information, contact a company like LoDo Self Storage & Moving Center.


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Understanding Proper Storage Practices

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