Understanding Proper Storage Practices

Understanding Proper Storage Practices

Three Ways Make Your Local Move Easier

by Charles Martinez

If you are getting ready for a local move, you've probably realized it involves the same amount of work a cross country move does. Moving is hard no matter the distance you're going. The more you plan and make preparations, the easier it gets! Here are five ways you can make the local move easier:

Use Self Storage

Using self-storage is a great way to simplify things for you with your timeline. When moving out of an existing home and purchasing another it can be hard to get those dates to sync up. Many people find themselves with a gap in time. This means you need to find a place to store all your household goods. Moving twice can be double to work, so you want it to be as painless as possible. Compare the features and pricing of all the local options you have for storage. Read the fine print and make yourself familiar with all fees associated with using self-storage. Look for secure storage units you can trust with your belongings. Choose an appropriately sized unit so you don't have to play Tetris moving it all in!

Hire Movers

Hiring movers is an investment that some people want to skip, but it can make moving so much easier. If you have large appliances or furniture it might be non-negotiable for you due to the weight of these items. Movers have experience and tools that make moving large items safer for them. This means less damage to your walls as they relocate them and less damage to your belongings. Look for movers that have a great reputation in your area and who have the proper insurance and business license. You can look them up on a website like Better Business Bureau to make sure there are no major complaints pending against them.

Purge Before Packing

Before you box up all your earthly belonging, make sure your only taking what you want with you! Paying to store things you don't need or want it an easy mistake to avoid. Get busy going through it all and make a few piles for donating, selling, and trash. Simplifying what you have will make unloading your stuff into a new place even more enjoyable. If you have big items you want to donate you may be able to find an organization willing to pick up and load.

Use these suggestions to make your local move easier. You will be grateful you took the time to do some planning and purging before the big event! 


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Understanding Proper Storage Practices

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