Understanding Proper Storage Practices

Understanding Proper Storage Practices

Climate-Controlled Storage Units for Artwork

by Charles Martinez

Do you have artwork in your home that you need to find a place to store? If so, then you want to find a place that is large enough for all of your pieces to be stored safely and in an organized fashion, so you can keep track of everything. You also want to make sure the environment that your artwork is being stored in won't cause damage to it. Learn some of the reasons why a climate-controlled self-storage unit may provide you with the perfect space for your art by reading more on the topic.

Have a secure space you can access as needed

When you are going to store your artwork, you want to know you can get to it any time that you want. You also want to know that no one else will be able to get near it because you won't want it to be damaged, stolen, or messed with in any way. Self-storage offers you your own unit that is locked by you, maintained by you, and will only be accessed by you. The facility will have measures in place to secure all of their customers' units and belongings.

Have the right amount of space

You can get a small unit if needed, or you can even find one with the extra space so you can store everything nicely by putting shelving, cases, and other types of storage or displays in the unit as you see fit. Remember to get a unit that gives you enough space to make your way around your pieces. After all, you may want to access pieces at random times and doing so will be easier with extra space.  

Don't underestimate weather changes

You might feel you can store your artwork anywhere that's secure because you don't tend to have extreme weather conditions where you live. However, any sudden change in the temperature can put many types of artwork in danger and there are always concerns over humidity levels and artwork. Climate-controlled storage is the best way for you to make sure everything will remain in good condition. 

Have the right climate all the time

Many types of artwork will need to be kept in some type of storage that protects them from being exposed to too much heat or coldness, as well as humidity. When you are trying to get a space for your artwork, remember that many facilities offer climate-controlled storage. This will lower the risk of things happening to your art. For example, you will know that your paintings won't end up with cracks in the paint — or that your paper won't become brittle, curl, or turn yellow. You will also know that glass won't cloud and metals won't become corroded. 

To learn more, visit a climate-controlled storage facility near you. 


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Understanding Proper Storage Practices

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