Understanding Proper Storage Practices

Understanding Proper Storage Practices

Tips For Choosing A Self-Storage Facility For Long-Term Storage

by Charles Martinez

When placing items in a storage unit for the purpose of storing them long term, ensuring that you have chosen the right self-storage facility will be critical to a successful outcome. This is because, without the right storage conditions, you could easily return to find that your items have been damaged while in storage or that your storage unit has been vandalized. Thankfully, the process of selecting the right self-storage facility for your specific needs can be relatively easy when choosing to use the tips outlined below. 

Select A Facility That Offers Pest Control 

Pests can often be an issue when storing items for a long period of time since you will not be able to spot infestations in their earliest stages. Consequently, in order to avoid potential damage as the result of an insect or rodent infestation you will need to take steps to make sure your items are properly packed for long-term storage. Selecting a storage facility that also offers pest control services can go a long way towards preventing this type of damage. These pest control services will typically include having the area around your storage unit sprayed by a pest control company on a monthly or quarterly basis. 

Select A Facility With Good Security

There are several different types of security that a self-storage facility can offer. For instance, some facilities simply make use of security cameras while others will employ guards to watch the property during the hours while the main rental office is closed. Some facilities will also restrict all access to the grounds by providing a locked gate that can only be accessed during hours when an attendant is available. Finally, some facilities will offer indoor storage units which provide the highest level of security available. Which level of security is right for your needs will depend upon what type of items you plan on storing, as well as factors such as the crime rate in the local area. Regardless of what level of security your storage needs warrant, choosing a facility that is able to meet these needs will be the key to avoiding damage due to vandalism or potential theft. 

Select A Facility With Climate Control

When storing items for long periods of time, extreme temperatures and humidity levels can result in a significant amount of damage. This is especially true when storing certain types of materials such as wood furnishings which are especially susceptible to moisture damage. Selecting a self-storage facility that offers climate-controlled units will allow you to avoid this type of damage to your stored belongings by keeping an even temperature and humidity level inside the unit even as the seasons change. 

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Understanding Proper Storage Practices

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