Understanding Proper Storage Practices

Understanding Proper Storage Practices

Should You Rent A Climate-Controlled Storage Unit?

by Charles Martinez

When you realize that you need some extra space to store personal possessions, you might immediately think about renting a storage unit. Storage units are ideal for storing things you cannot fit at your home, but should you rent a climate-controlled storage unit? If you are unsure whether you need one that offers climate control, here is a guide to help you answer this question.

Understand the Main Differences

You will find several differences between traditional storage units and climate-controlled units. The main difference is the temperature inside the unit. A traditional unit does not have heating or cooling in the unit. Therefore, the temperature in the unit is whatever the outdoor temperature is at the time. In a climate-controlled unit, the storage unit stays cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. Climate-controlled units have heating and cooling. While the owners do not keep the thermostats set at the same temperatures you would in your house, the units do have some heating and cooling.

The second difference is the costs for renting each type of unit. A climate-controlled unit costs more to rent per month because it includes heating and cooling. If you want the most affordable unit to rent, you can choose a traditional unit. If you want more protection for your personal belongings, you should choose one that offers a climate-controlled environment.

Consider What You Want to Store

The second thing to consider as you decide is the things you want to store in the unit. Some things that you own do not require climate control, but others do. For example, if you want to store wooden furniture, you will take some risks if you store it in a unit that does not have heating and cooling. Wooden furniture can bow and warp if it gets too hot or cold.

Another example of something you might want to store is electronics. If you want to store electronics, you might also want to choose a temperature-controlled unit. If moisture gets inside your electronics, it can destroy them.

Climate-controlled units are also better for storing antiques, valuables, and collectibles. If you want to store valuable items in a storage unit, you should make sure the unit offers heating and cooling.

You can find both types of storage units in most areas, and you can compare the costs for each. If you would like more information, contact a self-storage unit facility today.


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Understanding Proper Storage Practices

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