Understanding Proper Storage Practices

Understanding Proper Storage Practices

  • Climate-Controlled Storage Units for Artwork

    Do you have artwork in your home that you need to find a place to store? If so, then you want to find a place that is large enough for all of your pieces to be stored safely and in an organized fashion, so you can keep track of everything. You also want to make sure the environment that your artwork is being stored in won't cause damage to it. Learn some of the reasons why a climate-controlled self-storage unit may provide you with the perfect space for your art by reading more on the topic.

  • Three Ways Make Your Local Move Easier

    If you are getting ready for a local move, you've probably realized it involves the same amount of work a cross country move does. Moving is hard no matter the distance you're going. The more you plan and make preparations, the easier it gets! Here are five ways you can make the local move easier: Use Self Storage Using self-storage is a great way to simplify things for you with your timeline.

  • Want To Rent A Storage Unit? 3 Tips For Bringing Items In Your Vehicle

    Once you decide that you want to rent a storage unit to alleviate your storage needs, you may intend on using your own car to put your items into storage. This means that you do not need to prioritize storage facilities that provide a moving truck to use for the initial loading process. However, since you are going to be using your own vehicle, you will want to follow a few tips that can help you enjoy a smooth process of transporting belongings into storage.

  • How Independent Contractors Can Benefit From Self-Storage

    As an independent contractor, you probably have more use for a self-storage unit than most businesses. Your tools, equipment, materials, and even merchandise will all be safe in a self-storage facility. Below are some of the specific ways a self-storage unit can help your business. Reduce Injury Risks at Home As a small business owner, you may be tempted to keep some of your tools, equipment, and materials at home. Unless you have a dedicated storage space at home, your business items pose various risks to your household members.

  • Storing Books In Your Storage Unit: Tips To Protect Your Collection

    The only downfall to having a massive book collection is that sometimes, the books can take over your home and have to go into storage. If you are in this situation yourself, you are probably a little nervous about sending your collection to a storage unit. However, if you do this the right way, your books will be properly protected.  1. Opt for a climate-controlled storage unit.  The very first thing to remember when you are renting a storage unit for storing books is that books are made of paper, and paper is made of tree particles; therefore, exposure to high levels of humidity will be no good for them at all.

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    Understanding Proper Storage Practices

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